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Lent (Photo credit: jezobeljones)

The Annual Lenten Adventure is, traditionally, a forty (40) day Lenten study offered by the “God’s Way Group” at writing.com for the community-at-large. Begun in 2009, this Adventure is a companion to the Annual Advent Adventure which is either a 12 or 25 day Adventure series, which focuses on the prophecies, promises and purpose of the Christian‘s Christmas Story.

Writing.com is the world’s premiere writing site for those who engage their world through the writing craft. It has been my professional writing home for more than six years now. The writing and creation of the Adventures is not only a regular challenge for me, but is intended to be a gift to the community I love.

Each adventure is designed to stretch the writing ability and personal faith walk of the participants, called “Adventurers“. The Adventures have been described as a form of “spiritual Olympics” , an intended compliment with accuracy at its base. This is not an average study, or even a standard Bible study. It is designed to be an immersion experience of the first order for those who consider themselves to be Christ followers. Along the way, life-strong friendships, new and more developed faith is encountered in terms of the real work of living in the real world, right now.

The Annual Lenten Adventure is open to all who can agree to a few basic rules:

1. You must be a member of writing.com (WDC) to participate in any Adventure.
2. You must agree to the terms of participation, detailed in the Application Form for any Adventure.
3. You must pay the fee to participate in the Adventure, or submit a request to the Adventure Leader for a Scholarship, in advance of the beginning date of the Adventure.
4. You must agree to participate each day in the Adventure, and successfully complete the Adventure in the Application Form.
5. The Adventure is directed to those who are Christians, or “Christ followers”. This is not a requirement, but this reality must be respected by all participants.

The 2013 Edition of the Annual Lenten Adventure will take place during the forty (40) days prior to the date of the Christian Easter Day Celebration. The Adventure usually extends to a total of 45 days. The work is not too difficult, and most usually consists of daily reflections which seek participant (Adventurer) response in the Adventure Forum. Because WDC is, by its nature, a creative writing site, creative writing is a significant part of every Adventure.

The Annual Lenten Adventure: 2013 Edition is currently slated to be the last in the Adventures series, for the time being. We hope this will be the most successful Adventure yet, and will see the largest number of participants ever experienced.

If you would like more information on The Annual Lenten Adventure, 2013 Edition, stay tuned to this blog. Sign up for updates. As amazing as it may seem, the necessary work for creating this Adventure for Easter begins today, even as the Annual Advent Adventure:2012 Edition “What Gift Do YOU Bring?” is being completed. This is the journal that will chronicle the “journey before the journey“.  We hope you will find the encouragement and necessary information here to want to become our newest bold and daring adventurer.

Soli Deo Gloria!

M. B. “Bud” Fields, Jr. DMA, D.Min.
Adventure Leader

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